So how does one uncover their life purpose when they feel like they have no idea what it could be?

By looking within, much like we need to for any answer or major life decision! This is how you can uncover your purpose;

1. Release all expectations

Forget what it is you ‘think’ you should do, or what you think your family and friends, or even society, ‘expect’ you to do. You are the only one who gets to live your life. Forget the idea that your life purpose is only one thing too! Maybe your life purpose will play out in multiple ways. What you feel you are here to do/enjoy right now, may change in 5 or 10 years time – and that is okay! Release any expectations you have around what your life purpose should look like.

2. Be Still

Ya’ll know I am an advocate of meditating in order to quieten your head noise and listen to your heart instead. When we are still, we can truly connect to our inner selves and ask the deep questions which we can then in turn answer. Remember, you already have all the answers you need within you.

3. Say yes to experiences

What if your life purpose involved sharing a certain technique that you learnt at a workshop, but had you not gone to that workshop and experienced it yourself, you never would have known? Or if your life purpose was to start a foundation to assist those in need, yet had you of said no to your holiday because you were too busy at work, you never would have met the very people that you were put here to help?

My point is, the more you say yes and experience things outside your ‘normal’ or your comfort zone, the more you will open your eyes (and heart) to what is really needed in this life.

4. Write it out

Grab a pen and paper. Draw three boxes. What lights you up? What are you great at? What have you learnt? Passions, talents and skills – when you can line up all three you have a beautiful recipe for living your life purpose. Most people start with passion – it is the easy part! Passion arises from our inner desires and is something that can’t be mistaken.

You might have one really big one, or multiple that all mean a lot to you. Passion is the root of your purpose! Alongside that passion, you need some skills. Skill are things you can learn/earn. Something that someone can teach you or you can practice to get better and better.

And lastly what are your talents? Talents are something you naturally have and can often share or use in conjunction with your skills and passion to create something magic!

It has taken me many years of searching and asking (the wrong people) to find my life purpose, and it was only when I did these four things that I started to uncover the answers within – they were right there the whole time…What is your life purpose?

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A part of uncovering your purpose is creating a visual representation of what you want to Be, Do and Have in your life - AKA a Vision Board. To learn more about Vision Boarding and to create your own, click here

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