10 Smart Career Resolutions to Change the Rest of Your Life

Originally posted December 30, 2013. Most of us are bogged down with our hectic lifestyle and demanding jobs. We spend a significant part of our day in the office working under pressure and handling constant competition. This brings a lot of stress in our day to day life and we react in unsavory ways due to the stress. We often end up asking ourselves, why do I get so stressed out? Is there a way out of it? The answer is lies within us as the stress is caused through our own thinking. Like they say, it is all in the mind. If we can control our mind, we can hope to lead a happier life. See the rest of the blog @

Keep in mind that this article is dated, but it still applies 1/1/2017. Goal #5 is still a good idea to review career forecasts each year. However, it is better idea to work with a with a Career Counselor like myself to determine what career fits you, versus just picking a career or job based on forecast trends.


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