Etiquette Programs: Adult

distinguished dining, manners & social skills

In a highly competitive world, polished business, social and dining etiquette skills are extremely important for  personal and professional growth.  Polished phone, Skype, and in-person interviews elevate your value to employers.  Once on the job, the correct use of "soft skills" is important for millenials as well as the experienced employee.  Allow us to help you prepare for your personal best.

Individual/Group Sessions


Social & Business Etiquette

  • First impressions

  • Soft skills awareness (work ethic, communication skills and more)

  • Skillful conversation

  • Professional attire

  • Career planning

  • Networking & Interviewing


Informal & Formal Dining

  • Networking

  • Business & Interview meals

  • & more

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    group sessions)

Etiquette encompasses all aspects of our lives.  It is important to understand how to successfuLlly navigate social and cultural norms within business.   Correct business etiquette will attract top recruits and can save money, embarrassement and a companies reputation.  Provide professional development to enhance the productivity of your staff.

                                      Corporate Sessions

Business Etiquette

  • Professional phone, email and business communication

  • Proper attire

  • Generational Communication (between Millenials and Baby Boomers)

  • Social & communication skills

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator

  • StrengthQuest assessment


Informal & Formal Dining

  • Business and recruiting meals

  • & more

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