Services provided: 

Mental Health & Career Counseling

& LLPC Supervision


Mental Health Counseling:

Mental health counseling is simply talking to someone about your situations, stress, anxiety, career decisions, and more in a safe, confidential environment. I work with individuals and families that want to understand themselves and then their family and community around them.



Career Counseling: 

I am a passionate career advisor. I love helping people "figure out" the next step in their career path.  The work of career planning can be uncertain and stressful, however, we will work together to get the results that you desire based on the information that is revealed from career assessments, research and other forms of discovery. 

Call or email me, I am available to help you reach your career goals.


LLPC Supervision: 

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with 20+ years of experience and I have also completed the required State of Michigan training for Supervisors and I am passionate about helping others to reach their career and clinical professional goals; including completing the 100 hours of supervision and/or passing the NCE exam.  


Supervision is a process whereby one person is designated to facilitate the professional development and therapeutic competence of another person or persons while safeguarding the clients of the supervisee.  My supervision model is based on a common supervision theory that employs the use of teacher, counselor, and consultant with the goal of counselor development.


                                                             To schedule a time to talk, call or email 

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