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The mission of Etiquette Is…, is to teach children, youth, and adults the principles of etiquette, civility, and manners; which can ultimately increase their success in life.  With proper etiquette skills people are more likely to build rewarding careers and healthy romantic relationships.



Etiquette Is… teaches personal and business etiquette (both dining and social) via etiquette classes. Etiquette Is… models civility for children, teens, and adults. Etiquette Is… increases the self-knowledge and self-confidence in it's clients as well as teach them how to respect themselves and others. Also, to help our clients learn the social skills and graces needed for successful outcomes when participating in life events such as job interviews, weddings, birthday celebrations, college interviews, dining and networking events and more.  Classes are taught in either individual or group sessions in the Etiquette Is office, community and restaurant locations.


Why are etiquette classes needed? In today’s society, we are inundated with examples of improper etiquette via social media and real life experiences. As a result, people often imitate the poor etiquette skills they’ve learned and fail to realize the benefits of having good manners. They may not understand that well-mannered individuals are often viewed as competent people who are better prepared to handle life events with class and elegance.  Etiquette Is… aims to bring an awareness to the benefits of having polished etiquette skills in a fun and interactive.


Etiquette Is… was founded by Lorraine McKnight after realizing there was a gap in the information taught about manners, acceptable etiquette, and civility in our society.  Lorraine has more than ten years of experience teaching children, teens, and adults social graces and business etiquette.



Etiquette is… provides an interactive and fun approach to learning and applying Civil, Social and Dining Etiquette skills learned during workshops.  Once a program is complete, the attendees will be able to demonstrate their knowledge to family, friends and the community.






Lorraine McKnight was born in Wayne, Michigan and was raised in Inkster, Michigan where she graduated from Cherry Hill High School and in the same month received a Cosmetology license.  While in High School Lorraine attended a two part Charm School, the 12 weeks made a big impression.  Along with her mother’s teachings and the charm school knowledge Lorraine felt prepared to handle life’s situations with poise and grace including: job and college interviews, public speaking and informal and formal dining with family, friends and customers.  Lorraine is a Licensed Professional Counselor and works as a Senior Career Coach and is a Certified Etiquette Trainer. When she has free time Lorraine reads autobiographies, scrapbooks, and watches movies with her family.





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